Big Data

Before they buy, before they even come to the store, there’s Big Data

As a CPG manufacturer, you have a wide range of data types available from which you already can extract valuable, actionable insights. If you want to understand how you reached your current sales posture, you look at POS data. If you want to understand shopper behavior around certain brands and categories, then social data sources become more relevant. But, in today’s omni-channel, tech-driven shopping environment, that’s not even close to being sufficient to win the day. Smart CPG marketers know they need to truly understand the shopper’s complete “journey” so they can engage with that shopper before she even sets foot in a store. (And frequently she won’t even be entering a physical store to do her shopping, which presents a whole other set of challenges for CPG.)

How do you make sense of this new consumer landscape and create promotions, offers and messages that effectively engage today’s shopper? A critical starting point is to adopt a sophisticated Big Data strategy that shifts your data analytics activities from looking at what already happened to understanding and predicting what the shopper will do in the future. This requires a major shift – from the legacy “descriptive” analytical approach to the more forward-looking “predictive” analytics. Manthan's Big Data and IM Services expertise helps you to design and implement a winning Big Data strategy. That means enabling you to truly understand, and then activate, the shopper’s journey. And that really is the essential step in your company’s own journey towards greater revenue opportunities and brand leadership.

Key Benefits

Increase Customers

Integrate social media and online campaigns to increase customer base across geographies

Differentiate your products and accurately target specific customer groups with a holistic view of the market, integrating POS and demographic data

Retain Customers

Improve measurement and monitoring of cancellation propensity

Proactively target customers with high risk of churn with specific high value services

Improve Quality of Service

Proactively inform customer about service issues and next steps

Include and generate relevant service prompts

Use innovative technologies to store/retrieve data.

Activate Shopper Behavior

Improve measurement and monitoring of cancellation propensity

Proactively target customers with high risk of churn with specific high value services

Cost to Serve

Identify customer and product characteristics and establish cost to serve

Derive insights to improve pricing and processes methodology to improve profitability

Drive Production Innovation

Integrate market research data to create new products/sub brands which can extend life of core products

Extract innovation insights through observation of spontaneous and ad-hoc customer behaviors and needs

Integrate both internal and external R&D data and apply it to customer trends

Issues that Manthan can help you with:

I need to drive growth for our brands in a time of continuing market softness and significant challenges.

How do I efficiently harmonize data across the enterprise to ensure high quality data and drive intelligent decision making?

How do we use enterprise information given the explosion of new data sources and types?

I need to know which brands and customers are low margin and figure out ways to make them more profitable.

How do we monitor and understand rising competitive threats worldwide?

How do we effectively engage the shopper and optimize our products and offerings, using data management?

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