Center of Excellence

Scale quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently with leading CPG Analytics

Manthan’s Center of Excellence (CoE) empowers CPG manufacturers to move at the speed of today’s high velocity global business to understand – and then activate – the shopper’s journey. The CoE is a powerful engagement model that enables CPG clients to deliver and capitalize on value added insights while using Manthan’s industry leading analytics expertise and technology assets to scale quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently. Located inside or outside your organization, the CoE immediately brings highly skilled technical resources to support your full range of data analytics and BI requirements.

Using Manthan’s CoE, you can focus on creating and implementing high impact marketing programs that help you drive strong incremental sales opportunities and preference for you brands. In short, Manthan’s CoE helps CPG manufacturers win.

Issues that Manthan can help you with:

We need insights quickly, but we don’t have the analytical capabilities in-house

I have a lot of data but how do we put it to good use?

I want to get my team to dig deeper and identify truly actionable insights.

We don’t have the infrastructure to develop and deploy actionable insights.

How do we use data to boost productivity and shorten time-to-market?

Can we lower the costs related to data analytics?

Key Benefits

  • Reduces business involvement and shortens time-to-value, through collaborative engagement model
  • Lowers TCO by end-to-end management of infrastructure, software and logistics
  • Ensures self-sufficiency and self-reliability in driving actionable insights
  • Formulate actionable marketing programs, using world-class consulting expertise
  • Delivers strong cost-efficiencies and bottom-line benefits
  • Best in class results through dedicated quality assurance team

Why Manthan’s Center of Excellence?

Cost Reduction: 40-50% saving due to enablers, process standardization and global delivery model

Time Saver: 15-20% reduction in cycle time over conventional approach

Expert Access: Access to assorted skills, including domain experts, development engineers and consultants

Scalability and flexibility: Ability to increase or reduce the resources on the fly

Innovation: Conduct proof-of-concepts at minimal cost

Risk Minimization: Standardization of processes, defined QA and project governance structure

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