Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

To activate your shopper’s journey, you need to take the first step.

As a CPG company, you probably are thinking about how to reach and effectively engage today’s tech-savvy, empowered consumers. Implementing a true “direct-to-shopper” marketing approach is a powerful way to better understand those consumers and eventually activate them to expand sales, loyalty and profits. But, where do you even start?

Using Advanced Analytics CPG manufacturers can develop a more holistic view of the shopper’s journey, the critical first step in activating that journey. Manthan’s Advanced Analytics can help you harness the omni-channel shopping behaviors of shoppers. These best-in-class analytics solutions will also empower you to create and maximize the right touch-points, drive stronger engagement and achieve that ‘Holy Grail’ of consumer marketing: true personalization. The bottom-line, is that Advanced Analytics from Manthan will help CPG companies to drive more sales and more brand success.

Manthan makes it easy for CPG marketers to quickly and efficiently develop and leverage data-driven insights by:


Understanding what you sell to the shopper

  • Improve and measure brand health, and unlock/activate brand and shopper value
  • Brand Health Assessment
  • Survey Analytics and Brand Growth Analytics

Understanding how you sell to the shopper

  • Enhance ROI from marketing and promotional spend
  • Media Optimizer and Price Analytics
  • Portfolio Gap Analysis and Market Survey

Understanding where you sell to the shopper

  • Optimize store assortment and shelf location and help define needed actions to activate shopper purchase
  • Shelf and Trade Optimization
  • Store Benchmarking

Issues that Manthan can help you with:

I want insights into how price changes for a brand impact sales and category sales

What should on the shelf to help shoppers in their in-store purchase decisions?

What should on the shelf to help shoppers in their in-store purchase decisions?

Depth vs. breadth of promotional discounts, timing of promotions

Efficiencies of trade deals like Wearouts, BOGO vs. 50% off, In season vs. out of season

What assortment would optimize category profitability/sales and prevent customers from leaving the store?

Insights on the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of various media vehicles (TV, Print, Radio, Digital)

How do we quantify the impact of social media investments?

Key Benefits

  • Improved sales/margins through optimized promotion plans
  • Enable CPG manufacturers to win with retailer with category story
  • Optimized assortment to improve profitability and consumer reach
  • Enhanced ROI from marketing investment
  • Stronger relationships with shoppers, increased loyalty
  • Significant incremental growth driving increasing profits
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