Shopper Marketing Analytics

Negate the insight and action gap between your brand and your shopper.

Understand the shopper better with shopper marketing analytics from Manthan and provide the right stimulus to shoppers on their journey. An analytics-driven collaboration with retail provides transactional, loyalty and syndicated data for powerfully insightful shopper topography. This includes predictive, actionable insights on shopper behavior, category and product preferences, and marketing outcomes.

With Shopper Marketing analytics, you can analyze, segment and design personalized promotions, and execute them on the shopper’s preferred channel. The ability to be where shoppers want you, when they want you and with the value they are looking for, gets you into their basket. This comprehensive, marketer-friendly suite combines sophisticated analytics with an intuitive user-friendliness that makes it possible for the CPG marketer to get real-time insights and use them every day, where and when it really matters. With shopper marketing analytics, you can identify and drive incremental growth opportunities by truly understanding – and activating – the shopper's journey.

Key Benefits

  • Enable shopper intimacy with both digital touch points and mobile apps
  • Drive ROI optimization with investment scenario simulations
  • Assess price gaps and estimate optimal price corridors
  • Greater relevance and loyalty through personalization
  • Advance faster from purchase intent to purchase
  • The right offer at the right time on the right channels for the right shopper
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