CPG Solutions

A portfolio of analytics products that helps close the gap between CPG manufacturers and their shoppers, drive increased sales and revenue.

Traditionally, CPG manufacturers have depended on data that charts the shopper at a fairly distant level. These data have typically been based on POS information, which means that CPG marketers have been staring into the rear window regarding their shoppers. In addition, marketing dollars have been spread thin to cover every possibility.

Today, with advanced analytics, CPG manufacturers can get a lot closer to the shopper than it was ever imagined possible. Close enough for profitable micro-segmentation that understands the shopper intimately by harmonizing mountains of data at the retail level with syndicated data.

Viewing the shopper across unified shopper, transactional, loyalty, store and historical data gives you a clear shopper topography that can reveal behavior and trends, while uncovering a whole lot hidden revenue opportunities.

And with Manthan’s CPG portfolio, you can take the next step as well. You can turn these insights into action and execute on them with targeted personalization - thus getting the maximum bang from your marketing buck.

Traditionally, the shopper journey has been plotted in retrospect and (expected) corrective action taken. Now, you can chart and activate the entire shopper journey, into the future, from your desk.

Manthan Demand Signal Management

Demand Signal Management

Enabling CPG manufacturers to identify demand and streamline supply

All these years, CPG manufacturer have relied on post-purchase data on shopper behavior. The moment you have an in-depth and real-time view into shopper characteristics and behavior, a world of formerly unknown opportunities begins to show itself. Demand Signal Management for CPG, from Manthan, enables you to harmonize retail data with syndicated data on the shopper

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Manthan Shopper Marketing Analytics

Shopper Marketing Analytics

If your brand’s challenges are unique, shouldn’t your solution be unique as well?

The ability to be where shoppers want you, when they want you and with the value they are looking for, gets you into their basket. This comprehensive, marketer-friendly suite combines sophisticated analytics with an intuitive user-friendliness that makes it possible for the CPG marketer to get real-time insights and use them every day, where and when it really matters.

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Manthan Shopper Marketing Analytics
Manthan CPG Big Data

Big Data

Before they buy, before they even come to the store, there’s Big Data

Big Data is a powerful way to apply “magnification” on the shopper. It’s not about having to “boil the ocean,” but about having a focused strategy and applying powerful analytics to the total shopper journey. The resulting insights enable the activation of the shopper, which in turn drives incremental revenue growth and ultimately profits.

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Manthan CPG Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

To activate your shopper’s journey, you need to take the first step

The ever evolving shopper habits and the channel fragmentation of today’s retail landscape are increasing the pressure on CPG manufacturers to quickly understand their past executions and seamlessly start planning future activities such as pricing, trade promotions, assortments and demand forecasting. Manthan’s Predictive and Prescriptive solutions help CPG companies to fully understand their shopper’s behavior and attitude towards their product lines.

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Manthan CPG Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Manthan CPG Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Move at the speed of today’s high velocity global business

With Manthan’s Center of Excellence, CPG manufacturers can keep pace with the dynamic, technology enabled shopper by understanding and activating effective shopper journeys. This powerful engagement model enables you with value-added insights that use industry leading analytics expertise and technology assets to scale quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

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